The words MUSEUM SENSES are framed by 2 columns. Concentric circles radiate from the left column. Dotted lines extend from the right column.

Tour of the FDR Memorial

Tour of the FDR Memorial

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In July 2023, I led two tours highlighting the braille and tactile exhibits that were installed at the FDR memorial last year. The tours were for 60 K-12 teachers who participated in professional development workshops focused on the disability history of the FDR Memorial and FDR presidency.  The workshops were supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

In my tour, I showed the teachers the difference between the readable braille on the new exhibits when compared to the artistic braille carved into the walls of the memorial.

Watch this short video on Facebook.

To learn more, read the 2022 Progress Report on Accessibility at the FDR Memorial.

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