As 2023 rapidly draws to a close, I am highlighting my best posts from last year and mentioning some of the exciting plans that I have for next year.

In 2023, I focused on publishing content that educated people about the benefits of multisensory experiences for everyone.

I have been exploring the benefits of tactile exploration. In March, I attended a tactile art workshop at the New York Public Library. Read this post for details.

Tactile Drawing And Spatial Thinking

One study showed that sighted people remember more details about an object when they can touch it.

Tactile Exploration Helps People Remember Objects

I wrote a series of posts about sonification, representing data with nonspeech audio. I started the series in preparation for a presentation that I gave at the Muse WEB conference in April 2023, but I continue to write on this topic because there are many avenues to explore.

Sonification is a technique that allows blind people to analyze data independently.

Introducing Sonification

The Power of Sound: Sonification and Soundscape

A long-term project was completed in 2023 and presented at the AAM conference.

Making History Accessible

In addition to my usual work on multisensory experiences, there are times when, as a blind individual with a platform, I feel compelled to comment on inaccurate information circulating about prevalent myths surrounding blindness. I write to debunk common stereotypes and misunderstandings.

One oft-repeated myth is that only ten percent of blind people read braille. This is incorrect because that statistic has been misapplied from a report about library book formats that is decades out-of-date.

Commentary How Many Braille Readers

Sometimes I write about differences in the perceptions of blind people when compared to sighted people. Read this post inspired by a session at the LEAD conference.

What They Say About Us

Now I turn to my plans in 2024! They include updates about my website and upcoming exhibits.

The MuseumSenses website will be relaunched with new features. I will continue to produce high-quality content, and some posts may include multimedia or other formats.

In collaboration with the Virtual Curation Lab, I am planning an exhibit of 3D-printed replicas of fossils at The Peale Museum in Baltimore running during the spring of 2024.

I am beginning a project to design tactile exhibits for Fort Ticonderoga. Subscribe to this blog to learn about this and other new projects as I release details.

If you would like to discuss a new project, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or connect with me at an upcoming museum conference.

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