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  • When Accessible Content Meets an Inaccessible Interface

    This post describes the results of submitting a paper about accessibility to an organization that does not follow best practices for accessibility. We submitted the paper to the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD), and we also recorded a video for their virtual conference. The links to download the paper and watch the video are […]

  • 2020 in review

    In December 2020, as I reflect on the year, I am struck by how completely the closure of physical spaces pushed activity online. My work was no exception. Meetings became conference calls, physical exhibits moved to websites, and in-person conferences were transformed into online presentations. collaboration was another theme for this year. I am thankful […]

  • Please Do Touch The Art

    My second essay written for the Redefine/ABLE exhibit is titled Please Do Touch the Art The essay is a discussion of tactile art. When I wrote the first draft in February 2020, it was about the need for more tactile objects in museums. Then the coronavirus pandemic started, touching objects became taboo, and that essay […]

  • Redefine/ABLE

    Redefine/ABLE During the 2019-2020 academic year, I consulted with the 2020 University of Maryland, College Park graphic design cohort that researched and created an exhibit about disability, ableism, and the benefits of universal design. Ableism is the discrimination against those with disabilities. Universal design counteracts ableism. Universal design is an approach to creating systems, spaces […]