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  • Survey of Blind Adults About Museums

    When I started this blog, I wrote short posts announcing my publications with the link to each publication. I hadn’t developed my current practice of summarizing each paper as a blog post. This post summarizes the paper titled “Assessing Attitudes of Blind Adults About Museums”. The paper documents systemic problems that blind people face with […]

  • Accessibility in Astronomy

    In 2019, I was introduced to a community of astronomers who are representing data with sound. This is called sonification. I wrote about a software program developed by the Space Science Telescope Institute that adds an audio component to visual graphs in this post titled Hearing the Light. In spring 2020 with shelter in place […]

  • 2021 in review

    2021 was a hybrid year.  Much of my work is still being done virtually, but I resumed in-person activities especially after I was vaccinated. The hybrid nature of my work in 2021 reminds me that virtual and in-person activities have different advantages. Virtual conferences give people the flexibility to attend from anywhere. If the platform […]

  • Bring Your Own Accessible Device

    I am pleased to announce the publication of our work creating and testing an accessible mobile guide for the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum. This paper describes a web-based mobile guide that visitors can access via their personal devices. “The guide features visual descriptions of artifacts, non-visual wayfinding directions to exhibitions, summaries of exhibit […]

  • When Accessible Content Meets an Inaccessible Interface

    This post describes the results of submitting a paper about accessibility to an organization that does not follow best practices for accessibility. We submitted the paper to the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD), and we also recorded a video for their virtual conference. The links to download the paper and watch the video are […]