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  • Survey of Blind Adults About Museums

    When I started this blog, I wrote short posts announcing my publications with the link to each publication. I hadn’t developed my current practice of summarizing each paper as a blog post. This post summarizes the paper titled “Assessing Attitudes of Blind Adults About Museums”. The paper documents systemic problems that blind people face with […]

  • Bring Your Own Accessible Device

    I am pleased to announce the publication of our work creating and testing an accessible mobile guide for the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum. This paper describes a web-based mobile guide that visitors can access via their personal devices. “The guide features visual descriptions of artifacts, non-visual wayfinding directions to exhibitions, summaries of exhibit […]

  • In Their Own Words: Adults Who Are Blind Describe Museums

    I submitted the following text as a poster for the American Alliance of Museums conference #AAAM2021, held online on May 24 and June 7-9 2021. The poster was behind the paywall until July 14 2021, and now I am publishing it for everyone to read. In Their Own Words: Adults Who Are Blind Describe Museums […]

  • MCN 2020 Presentation, Accessible Touch Objects

    Last week, I gave a presentation on accessible touch objects in partnership with my colleague Lauren Race from the NYU Ability Project. Our talk was part of the MCN2020 virtual conference. Here are the highlights and links for further reading. Defining the problem Most information at museums and historic sites is presented visually, but some […]

  • Designing an Exhibit of 3D-Printed Replicas

    I’m pleased to announce the publication of Designing a portable museum display of Native American stone projectile points (arrowheads) to ensure accessibility and tactile quality written with Joe Nicoli and Donald Winiecki  in the Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research. We describe making 3D-printed replicas of artifacts found in the collections of the Maryland Archaeological […]